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My mind is primed for flaying.

Get Pumped With Baldur's Gate 3's Opening Cinematic And Gameplay Reveal

Things are both going down and getting real in the Forgotten Realms.  Larian Studios, developer of Baldur's Gate 3, has been drip-feeding us information on their CRPG ahead of its release this year.  As expected, that slow drip picked up quite a bit of speed when gameplay was revealed at PAX East about a week ago, and accompanying it was a slick, heart-thumping opening cinematic.

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Baldur's Gate 3 Set for Early Access in August

That said, there is an ominous caveat in the press release announcing that date that simply says "Maybe." We'll keep our fingers crossed and our masks on as we wait patiently for the return to RPG goodness. In the meantime check out this mood setting in engine trailer that shows off some impressive visuals and starts the hype meter. Time to find 3 more friends to join the party, as Baldur's Gate 3 features four player online co-op.

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