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Lena Hall

Profile page created Sep 19, 2020

Director, Large-Scale Systems @ Microsoft


Lena Hall is a Director at Microsoft working on Azure, where she focuses on large-scale distributed systems and modern architectures. She is leading a team and technical strategy for product improvement efforts across Big Data services at Microsoft. Lena is the driver behind engineering initiatives and strategies to advance, facilitate and push forward further acceleration of cloud services. Lena has more than 10 years of experience in solution architecture and software engineering with a focus on distributed cloud programming, real-time system design, highly scalable and performant systems, big data analysis, data science, functional programming, and machine learning. Previously, she was a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft Research. She co-organizes a conference called ML4ALL, and is often an invited member of program committees for conferences like Kafka Summit, Lambda World, and others. Lena holds a master’s degree in computer science. Twitter: @lenadroid. LinkedIn: Lena Hall.