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If you have ever benefited from the knowledge, best practices or failures shared by a peer than you already know how powerful that information is. Here, at InfoQ we strongly believe that peer sharing is how our industry makes progress.

If you are an experienced senior engineer or software team lead with ideas you want to share then we would love to hear from you.

There are several ways to participate

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InfoQ is always on the lookout for quality articles. Before submitting a proposal, please view our author guidelines to ensure the best chance of having your article approved.
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Become a news writer at InfoQ

Our news writer team write regular 500 word news pieces on the site. We provide basic training with a journalism professor, and ongoing mentoring. 15% of InfoQ’s advertising revenue is paid to our news writing team. To find out more, click the link below.
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Our editorial core values

Content you can trust

Our content will be free from bias, either personal or vendor-driven, unless clearly marked as "opinion". Users can expect InfoQ content to be educational, accurate, and without marketing agendas. This is our brand promise and the reason our readers trust us. We strive to adhere to the principles of journalistic integrity in our newswriting activities, while recognizing that we are practitioners, not journalists, trying to do the right thing.

Best, not first

We are not a "breaking news" site; it's okay to publish something a few days after an announcement, after we gather material to tell the story in greater depth.

Facilitators, not leaders

We facilitate the growth of the communities we are writing about by giving exposure to new and existing people, movements, ideas, etc, not our own. As facilitators, we collaborate with the community to produce valuable content as opposed to our own agenda, we can and should assist existing movements/trends.

Information Robin Hoods

One of our primary functions is to seek out information from the few elite that have it and put it out to the masses. When we find out about something cool that the rest of the community should know about, we see it as our duty to bring it public, so that the entire community may benefit from the knowledge.