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  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Tinkertown Fully Launches on Steam, Heading to Consoles in the Future
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Tinkertown Fully Launches on Steam, Heading to Consoles in the Future

Survival and crafting meet dungeon delving in this co-op adventure.

What happens when you combine the survival and crafting elements of Minecraft with the action adventure of Zelda? You get Tinkertown from Headup Games. Following a period of Early Access, the full version of Tinkertown has now launched on Steam. With online co-op supporting "more than four players," this one should make for a grand cooperative adventure.

Tinkertown game starts out very similarly to Minecraft. After creating a character and choosing whether to join an existing game or create a game (single-player or multiplayer), players will encounter a mysterious elder in the woods. The elder bestows starting quests like gathering materials to build a home. Eventually, players will craft houses and other structures and create their own little villages.

Adventuring is also a big part of the experience. Spread throughout the game world are entrances to Zelda-style dungeons. Inside, our aspiring heroes must explore while battling throngs of monsters and even giant bosses. Clearing a dungeon yields valuable rewards and may open access to new regions of the game world. These challenges should be much easier with friends, so be sure to party up in online co-op.



  • Explore a world full of mystical forests, dusty deserts, and icy tundras.
  • Craft your own equipment and customize your character with various weapons and armor according to your desires
  • Your equipment determines: Are you a hunter, warrior, mage, or completely different?
  • Collect different resources and discover new recipes to craft hundreds of items. From powerful weapons and matching armor to building materials and decorative items: In Tinkertown, you'll find everything you need to make your adventurer's base a beautiful and cozy home
  • Build your own little kingdom, alone or with friends.
  • Fish, cultivate fields, and cook dishes that strengthen you for battle
  • Plunge into ancient, forgotten dungeons and fight against nasty bosses to loot their treasures.

New features with the full release:

  • A journal to collect all important quest information in one place within the game
  • NPCs play a more prominent, active role than before, thanks to a new relationship system.
  • An endgame dungeon with a new boss battle and unique loot

We asked the developer to clarify the number of supported players. They told us, "Recommended is 4 players, but there is no hard cap and you can have even more players but could impact the overall performance." Thus, it sounds like most gamers will want to stick with 4-players, but you could squeeze in a few extra players if everyone's computers can handle it.

Tinkertown regularly sells for $16.99 on Steam, but it's on sale for $10.19 until Thursday, June 29. The game has also been announced for consoles, though no specific platforms or release windows have been revealed just yet.